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Have a selfie because I feel pretty today and I have a date tonight (sorta)

#marion babbles #my fais #also hair #ALWAYS HAIR #wth hair
  1. freeoftime said: CUTIE <33333
  2. dknc3 said: You are pretty! And have a good time tonight!
  3. annaturaldisaster said: Ooooh good luck!! ^^
  4. dalishpeach said: You are such a babe!
  5. hubble-the-banderbear said: you look gorgeous!
  6. commandercousland said: Haaaw your eyes are always getting me that is such a lovely colour
  7. sehnsuchttraum said: You’re so beautiful!
  8. kasarinlan said: YOU HAVE A DATE. GOOD LUCK BB.
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