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i love her already. advise me, advise meee

asolitaryrose whispered: Neria and Morrigan, kiss on the ear! I want more of these two cuties :D

ggnngng i want to write about Loghain and his granddaughters but I’ve got nothing it frustrates meeee




The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!



The Hunger Games piano sheets.

thanks to the wonderful people who answered my character page plea, I have now a brand new character page :D


"Totendom: Acte 1" Alex Alice 2005


anora’s loud.

incredibly loud.

nobody says a word out of fear of embarrassing the queen, who emerges from her bedchambers dressed and ready for a day of politicking followed by the king who never looks quite as ready as she. she’s entirely unaware, and many believe it to be in their best interests to keep it that way. nobody wants to break the news to the queen, as uncomfortable it may be to whoever patrols the halls during the night.

alistair certainly isn’t going to say anything to her. he quite likes it, even if he flushes each time a servant gives him a pointed look, even when he stammers at erlina’s humoured comments. but he’s always the sort of man who revels in affirmation. he grins whenever anora compliments how much he had developed as a political leader despite the first few months of trial and error. and he…well, does other things that would make the sisters at the monastery curl their toes in disapproval whenever anora loudly proclaims how much he has developed in the bedroom.

but he still feigns embarrassment at the looks he gets, he still tries his damnedest to swallow her loud proclamations with his mouth even as he encourages her with his tongue.

but then loghain arrives unannounced, greeting his daughter with a warm hug and an explanation of the wardens passing through to see what they can assess of a still-healing land. he looks to his son-in-law with a look, a sneer, a furrowing of the brow and attempted pleasantries that fall flat as the king has never been quite receptive of his father-in-law even as he understood tactical decisions a bit better than he did when he had been a warden.

and as anora takes her father by the hand to take him for a walk, to catch up with him and to talk with him, alistair leans over towards erlina who is always a presence. as soon as he’s certain that both queen and her father are out of earshot, he says in a low voice.

"i’m certain my wife’s father would like to stay in the guest room nearest the royal bedchambers."

erlina’s eyes widen and she lets out a squeak, saying something in orlesian before correcting herself. “but…your majesty…the queen….she…”

"would like her father near her during his visit. i am certain.” and alistair’s posture straightens, clasping his hands behind his back, looking incredibly official despite the smile tugging on his face and the unprofessional thoughts running through his mind.


"Female Fencer concept" [Artist: Danny Araya]

I’ve been invited to a party outside of town and I’m waiting for my flatmate to come back home so that we can go together and the more I’m waiting the less motivation I have…



dragon age au where everything is the same except loghain mac tir wears this shirt


madametrevelyan !!!!!



I’m alive!! Just busy with school and stuff! Here is a little preview of what I’m working on… the next addition to my ~riveting baby series— Inquisition babies! Although I might hold off on it til I actually have the game lol

I reaaaally want to make a post on Haddiyah’s mentor, because I feel like she’s going to have a huge impact on my inquisitor’s choices and vision of life, and eventually, who she is deep down. I’ve talked a bit about her yesterday in this post, buuut the more I’m building her the more I fall in love with her

Inspiration for Zia’s physical appearance comes from S. Ross Brown and his Huntress portrait, and her faceclaim will probably be Gina Torres.

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Warden Commander and Mabari War Hounds in training (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧