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ok thats cool but imagine: vivienne with the best hair in thedas

Anonymous whispered: I've always wanted to ship Fenris and Isabela but the way she objectifies him in some of their banter, particularly the lines about glistening, kind of wigs me out, just because of Fenris's history of sexual abuse. Truly just curious and not trying to be combative here, but do you think that's something they'd be able to work out, or do you think Fenris doesn't mind? Like I said, I wanna ship it!



Not at all, anon! I understand where you’re coming from and I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable with that line. In short, I don’t think she’s objectifying him, but I’ll put my thoughts under the cut.

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I have to reblog this one too because these are my thoughts exactly, all of this.

Leslie and Ben are adorable omg


sketchy thing of my inquisitor

dai + opening stages of character creation

Talking with tevinterllama yesterday got me thinking about my Adaar’s weapon (since you can actually create them in Inquisition, I totally forgot) so I went looking at latin phrases to put on both Haddiyah’s and Zia’s rapiers – to get something that looks like this, which is hella cool – and I found some pretty amazing phrases that helps building their respective personality tremendously! altho I am fully aware I won’t be able to implement this in game, whelp

For Haddiyah, I really like the following:

  • Carpe diem - ‘seize the day’
  • Dum spiro, spero - ‘while I breathe, I hope’
  • Gesta non verba - ‘deeds, not words’
  • Hic et nunc - ‘here and now’
  • Plus ultra - ‘further beyond’

For Zia, I found these:

  • Aut vincere, aut mori - ‘victory or death’
  • Distinguo - ‘I set apart’
  • Nec spe, nec metu - ‘with neither hope nor fear’
  • Oderint dum metuant - ‘let them hate, so long as they fear’
  • Per inania regna - ‘in the realm of shadows’
insufficientskill whispered: ❅ (gaelle) ☂ (bran) ♫ (haddiyah) for the ask meme?

- Ideal birthday for Gaelle

well when she was growing up she missed her parents for her birthday the most, because her mother disappears shortly after her birth, and while the clan was her family, there were time she really, really wished her parents were still here with her. it got better when Merrill lived with the clan, because she didn’t have her parents either. they ended up spending their birthday together and she felt a little less lonely. but Gaelle’s ideal birthday would be spend it with her parents

☂ - Sadness for Bran

Bran is an optimistic and positive person most of the time, but what really bums him out is when he thinks about his parents, especially his mother, and how they were taken away from him. sometimes, it’s about Morrigan, how he misses his friend and hopes she’s okay. but most of time it’s when he thinks he won’t be there to see his beaufitul and smart daughters grow up, or grow old with his wife

♫ - Singing voice for Haddiyah

Haddiyah used to have a beautiful instrument - a wonderful contralto voice. She has a naturally grave voice, and had singing lessons when she was younger and lived with her parents. However, after her encounter with her future fencing master and the subsequent injury she suffered, her vocal cords were damaged and her voice altered, and as a result, she is unable to sing properly - her voice is all raspy and breaks when she holds a note.

commandercousland whispered: ❣ and ♫ for Bran, ✎ and ☁ for Gaelle <3

❣ - Hands for Bran

Bran has large, square hands, hard and callused from the sworplay and weapon training he underwent, and all the fighting he did during the Blight - he doesn’t stop once he becomes King. he pays close attention to them, and takes care of them - manucure, you said? yep!

♫ - Singing voice for Bran

don’t let Bran sing. he has no sense of harmony or musical ear, and tho he enjoys music itself, he can’t sing at all! he’ll hum now and then a few popular tune, but he refrains from singing altogether. Leliana tried to make him sing for her, convinced he wasn’t as bad as he said he were, and found out… he was right, he’s pretty terrible.

✎ Taste in music/literature for Gaelle

no surprises here, but Gaelle is really into elvhen lore and history, the legends and myths of her people. that’s what she loves reading the most, and she grew up with these myths for the greatest part of her life. when she follows Duncan and becomes a Grey Warden though, she realizes humans have hundred and hundred of tales and legends, some of them about her own people, and she’s really quite shocked, because she never really thought about it before. she’s obsessed with history and lore, and will read anything she can find that has a remote link to Arlathan or the Dales, or even her people. Morrigan doesn’t really have better reading suggestion - for all we know she’s still reading her mother’s grimoire. Gaelle tries one of Wynne’s books once and blushes really hard after 3 pages in and returns it super quietly hoping no one would notice. Wynne did tho.

☁ - Ideal holiday for Gaelle

oh boy that would be in the Dales or in the Arlathan forest, looking for ancient elvhen ruins and digging up old places where her people used to live. she’s kinda be like this friend who wants to go to every museums and historical places about a specific period of history they particularly like whenever they’re on holidays - they absolutely have to see everything. that’s Gaelle. and she drags Morrigan along.

lafemmedarla whispered: ⌨, ✄ and ✪ for Haddiyah and/or Bran ;-)

I’m gonna go with Haddiyah, since I did 2 of these for Bran already!

⌨ - Time-wasting habbits for Haddiyah

Haddiyah writes poems and ballads. she likes words and how the sound, the way she can create and bend them her way and tell what she’s seen or done. she likes to read a lot too, mostly poetry or travel books. she’s very fond of painting, and although she doesn’t paint herself, she can spend hours in front of a work of art, especially if it involves the sea

✄ - Nervous habits for Haddiyah

when she’s nervous she falls silent. she’s usually very talkative and boisterous, but when sthg is bothering her she doesn’t really know how to cope and she just falls silent, trying to process her nervousness. usually she tries to keep herself busy with whatever she has within her reach, and very often it means she plays with her rapier, making it twirl and spin on the ground

✪ - Favorite food/eating habits for Haddiyah

Anything that has spices in it - she needs her food to be seasoned and with a lot of different savours. she grew up in Rivain, for one thing, plus her parents were in the spice trade, so that’s really a defining point in her diet. Rice, cooked meat with some nice spicy sauce in it, lots of vegetales. she doesn’t really like sweets or desserts, but is very fond of tropical fruits - mangoes, papayas and so on.


well look at the time, it’s elf o’clock

tainted-knight whispered: ✿ ✄ for Anora and Gaelle

omg I love that you included Anora in my ocs lmao

✿ - Laugh for Anora

Anora has a very restrained, proper laugh, what I called the etiquette laugh - when she is amused she lets out a slight giggle, never really a full laughter. she used to laugh much more genuinely when she was a kid but then worked on it when she grew older so as not to attract the stares and remarks of the ladies of the court. Anora rarely truly laughs, tho, and does so the most when her husband and daughters are involved - and when this happens, it’s a full, loud, boiserous belly laughter.

✄ - Nervous habits for Anora (I did it for Gaelle already!)

well this is canon but Anora wrings her hands a lot when she’s nervous, it helps her to better focus on when she’s saying and to feel herself in the surroundings she’s in. she also paces a lot when she’s alone, or in the company of people she knows, it helps her think, and blows off some steam. finally she runs her fingers on the table when she’s really annoyed, and she does this unconciously. when she catches herself doing this, she stops, because she knows it gives her away too much - she does this a lot when in a meeting with the Banns because all she wants to do most of the time is bashing their head on the wall to make them see some sense. she settled for her fingers on a table, works to everyone’s benefits

✿ - Laugh for Gaelle

Gaelle has a silent laughter… until she snorts, that is. when she’s only mildly amused she giggles, but boy when she’s surprised or it’s something really hilarious, she shakes silently until the snorting begins. she’s really embarassed about it afterwards - Morrigan teases her for it, and when Gaelle gets all red and flushed and babbling Morrigan kisses her, “tis rather endearing, truly”

tevinterllama whispered: ✄ - nervous habits for Gaelle, ✪ - favourite food/eating habits and ✮ - sleeping habits for Bran!!

✄ - Nervous habits for Gaelle

Gaelle conjures little balls of lightning when she’s stressed or annoyed and plays with it, throwing it from one hand to another. it relaxes her - although it puts everyone around her on edge and because she’s been known to ‘drop’ the ball she’s holding… she says it’s an honest mistake but it suspiciously always targets the person she’s annoyed at. she had to stop doing this in public when she left her clan because shemlen are not as forgiving… otherwise the bites the inside of her cheeks, sometimes going until she draws blood

✪ - Favorite food/eating habits for Bran

Bran looooves sweet things. he definitely has a sweet tooth, he loves pastries and candies and generally speaking all the delicious sweet things the Orlesians have invented. Bryce went a couple of times to Orlais for trade agreements and he always brought back some pastries for his little boy. he’s also strangely fond of spicy food, probably because he lived in antiva for a while

✮ - Sleeping habits for Bran

he takes a loooot of space and he’s a cuddler. he moves a lot when he sleeps, and he’s been known for falling from his bed when he was kid. he also hates sleeping alone - after he marries Anora he almost never sleeps in his separate quarters. he falls asleep before Anora, his arms around her and his head on her belly, and when she puts the book she’s reading away and turns to lie down he shifts with her in his sleep and spoons her from behind, still holding her close. he always wakes up very early, before the sun rises, because of nightmares - both darkspawns and non-darkspawns