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shea has teagan’s hair but it’s a different colour so i’ve never had much trouble differentiating between them :D (and headcanon wise he grows his out later into a small ponytail too)

yeah, Shea never reminded me of Teagan, even tho he’s got the same hair! his face is very different so. it helps. and ponytail yuuuum Bran would approve ;)


when I first saw anora, I was never so glad for hairstyle mods because I /almost/ gave my warden the same one to look like her mum and it would have hecked me up so much during landsmeet. BULLET DODGED

yeaaah that’s the really annoying with the vanilla hairstyles, tbqh? because they’re usually used by one important npcs and you’re just “why do you have the same hair as I do this is confusing”. Bonus point if you gave your Warden the same hair color lmao.

I like Loghain’s and Teagan’s hair but. it’s be really weird on my Warden because I would only see them as either Loghain or Teagan, you know? bless mods indeed.






Feminist Dragons

Inspired by X


this speaks to me on a personal level

I love this instead of sexualizing the message


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Sib’s an elf, so it’s good! if she had been human that would have been… tricky. altho I do admit I thought Nastia had drawn Anora for you - the roses got me. gomen >.>

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i just pretend that they are anora especially if they’re macking on alistair heh heh heh

eeeee I do this too even if I know it’s not cool for the artist >.<


Wardens who look like Anora make me so confused



every time I see that Cousland art on my dash and I reach the last panel and see Eleanor’s face… oh my heart.



qunquisitor on my brain



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thejboy88: It strikes me that Anora has not had a happy life. Her mother died when she was very young, she was betrothed to someone before she was old enough to even object to it, thrust into a world where she was constantly scrutinized for having commoner blood, married to a man who eventually just ingored her and eventually lost her father (either to death or the Wardens). Sure, she may be Queen, but I don't think that can ever make up for all the bad things that have happened to her.

Well, I agree - though let’s not dramatize her life either, as she was still a noble, and one of the most powerful of them to boot. Her life has undoubtedly had its hardships, but it’s still a good life.

But yes, one thing in Anora’s life that the fandom regularly fail to mention is how lonely she is. It seems to me like she loses her loved ones one after the other - her mother, Maric, Cailan, Loghain, even Alistair or the Warden, since they disappear at some point during their joint-reign or the Calling will claim them. She never really had any friends either, and even Cailan, her best friend and childhood companion, ends up betraying her.

Knowing this, is it so hard to understand why Anora would seem aloof, and would protect herself by trying not to become too attached to people who will either be taken from her or betray her? I can easily see her having trust issue at the end of the Blight, and perhaps even a feeling of abandonment, but even before this I think Cailan’s dalliances would have been a slap in the face and taught her how little faith you can put in people - except her father. But even that faith is shaken when the Blight knocks at the door.

So, truly, in her mind, she can only rely on herself.

And even when she gives herself, body and soul, to her duty, it’s still not enough. To think it’s a duty she never even asked for: she was supposed to be Queen to unite the Mac Tirs and the Theirins, thus building a new nation from the ashes of the Orlesian occupation, but was this sthg she even wanted? She’s been groomed for the role she was meant to play ever since she was born, she never knew anything else, and can’t imagine herself doing anything else either. But because she’s a woman, and she’s a woman failing her “duty” - she becomes inadequate and must be cast aside.

Which is why I love the sole ruler ending so much - even though it’s not my canon playthrough - because it feels like she finally has a say in her life and can truly choose for herself the path she wants to walk on. And haters be damned.


History Meme:
7/8 Objects » Plate Armour

Plate armour is a historical type of personal armour made from iron or steel plates. While there are early predecessors such as the Roman-era lorica segmentata, full plate armour developed in Europe during the Late Middle Ages, especially in the context of the Hundred Years’ War, from the coat of plates worn over mail suits during the 13th century. In Europe plate armour reached its peak in the late 15th and 16th centuries, with the full suits of Gothic plate armour worn on the battlefields of the Burgundian and Italian Wars. The most heavily armoured troops of the period were heavy cavalry such as the gendarmes and early cuirassiers, but the infantry troops of the Swiss mercenaries and the landsknechts also took to wearing lighter suits of “three quarters” plate armour, leaving the lower legs unprotected. [X]

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instead of “I love you no matter what sexuality/race/gender you are!”

try “I love you and will celebrate your identity with you!”



I saw a hot lady at a grocery store, kinda trying to remember what she looked like

Black people are a small minority in Finland and every time you see one chances are they’re really well dressed


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name: marion
birthday: march 6
zodiac: pisces
single or taken: single
height: 163cm
eye colour: light blue
middle name: joliba
favourite colour: crimson/red
lucky number: 3


hogwarts house: hufflepuff
favourite fictional character: Anora, duh.
favourite television show: community, oitnb, game of thrones, black sails, elementary
describe yourself in a few words: oh no
future children’s names: no children planned tyvm
meaning of your name: French variant of Mary, “star of the sea”
ultimate otp: Anora x throne (Anora x happiness)
what do you plan to/do for a living: aaaah ermmm working in foreign country in an embassy or a cultural institute as PR or Communication Manager
starbucks order: I don’t go to Starbucks? and tbh I don’t get the hype it’s really expensive and not even that good. but I’m a tea person so.


introvert or extrovert: introvert
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